Top 10: Chamois and car drying products

However you choose to pronounce it, the chamois is an essential tool for the home-based car cleaner and professionals alike - although there are alternatives. Here’s our pick of chamois and rival offerings at a range of price points.

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Clay Roberts Extra Large Microfibre Cloths

Whatever you choose to use, it's essential to remove any post-clean droplets from your bodywork to avoid the dreaded water marks. A microfibre cloth is the cheapest option, though there’s nothing wrong with that. These towels from Clay Roberts are usefully large at 78cm x 60cm, are lint-free and machine washable.

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Clay Roberts Extra Large Microfibre Cloths, Pack of 6, XL Cleaning Cloths for Cars and Motorbikes, 31" x 24" (78cm x 60cm), Machine Washable, Suitable for Polishing, Waxing, Dying & Dusting


Kent Car Care GKEQ6100 Extra Large Microfibre Drying Towel

Another microfibre towel, this Kent Car Care towel comes in packs of one, two or three. It may not be as large as some rivals, but the company says it can absorb up to eight times its own weight in water. Better still, out of 1345 customer reviews on Amazon, 85 per cent gave it five out of five with another 11 per cent giving it four stars, which suggests a high likelihood of satisfaction.

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Kent Car Care GKEQ6100 Microfibre Drying Towel Extra Large 5 Sq Ft


Voso Natural Chamois Leather Car Cleaning Cloth

For those who prefer the traditional approach the chamois is the only option, which makes this Voso chamois a sound choice. Available in two sizes, but priced the same, it would seem daft not to go for the giant 60cm x 90cm version, although it is worth bearing in mind that the cloth is in its natural shape so is not perfectly rectangular. While chamois do require a little care, it can be machine-washed for long life.

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VOSO Natural Chamois Leather Car Cleaning Cloth Washing Suede Absorbent Drying Towel (60X90cm)


Kent Car Care GKEIC100 PVA Synthetic Chamois

Like the idea of a chamois, but aren’t keen on animal products? Kent Car Care have the solution for you with its synthetic chamois. It's 43cm x 32cm in size (a larger version is available) and it offers the same level of water absorption and durability as a regular chamois, but without the animal input. It’s also clocked an impressive 4.7 stars out of 5 from 127 Amazon customer reviewers.

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Kent Car Care IC100 PVA Synthetic Chamois Cloth in Canister Regular


Sinland 720gsm Ultra Thick Microfibre Car Cleaning Cloths

Back to the microfibre options with this unmissable cloth from Sinland. Double sided with two different colours so you don’t forget which side you’re using on different parts of the car, these cloths promise 720gsm thickness and an 80 per cent polyester 20 per cent polyamide mix. Sinland says they can absorb close to ten times their own weight in water and can also be used for buffing off polishes and waxes.

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Kent Car Care GKEQ4660 Flexy Blade

Flexi (or Flexy in this case) blades are a divisive topic in the car care world. In short, they are a rubber blade you simply drag across your car, sweeping away surface water quickly and efficiently. The upside is they are infinitely faster than any kind of cloth, the downsides being that it only really works on large areas and you have to keep the blades completely free from dirt or grit unless you want expensive consequences. However, this Kent Car Care version is everything you need from a Flexy Blade.

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Kent Car Care GKEQ4660 Flexy Blade Silicone


AutoGlym Aqua Dry Chamois

Autoglym has a well-earned reputation for producing high quality car care products, so there is reassurance to be had from purchasing one of their Aqua Dry Chamois. Synthetic leather means no animals were involved in its construction and it promises a high level of water absorption. 34cm x 24cm makes it useful for drying large areas and it is suitable for both bodywork and glass.

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Autoglym Hi-Tech Aqua-Dry Chamois - Super Absorbent Hard Wearing Synthetic Leather Chamois For Internal and External Car Cleaning


iTavah Car Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Another set of microfibre cloths here, but this set from iTavah comes in a pack of three rather than two and ups the all-important thread count to a hefty 840gsm. Each one is a different colour with a contrasting back so you can keep each one separate for different jobs, and they come with the reassurance of a 15-month warranty.


Meguiar's X2000EU Water Magnet Microfiber Drying Towel

Once again the reassurance of quality comes from a brand name as well-known as Meguiar’s. This Water Magnet Drying Towel claims to offer twice the absorption of traditional towels. The big 55cm x 76cm dimensions mean you have plenty of towel to get around your car while the ‘waffle’ texture is designed to increase surface area for improved drying and easier wringing.

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Meguiar's X2000EU Water Magnet Microfibre Drying Towel, Gelb


Cleantools The Absorber Synthetic Drying Chamois

Sounding more like a determined wrestler than a car care product, ‘The Absorber’ from Cleantools comes in its own tube for storage, is a sizeable 68cm x 43cm and is available in six different colours if you fancy co-ordinating. Cleantools also say it sucks up 50 per cent more water than a conventional chamois and dries 20 times faster; 4.8 stars out of 5 from Amazon customers suggests they’re right.

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CleanTools Original The Absorber Synthetic Drying Chamois, Large (69cm x 43cm) PVA Towel (Natural) 149


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