Top 10: Christmas games for families

Admit it: thrashing the kids over a Christmas boardgame is the sweetest of paybacks. Don’t worry, we’ll keep your secret. In fact, here are ten games for you to trounce them at.



An all-time classic which you should own already, Uno is simple enough for the kids of 7+ to grasp, but sufficiently tactical that the adults can get all serious about it. It’s also currently discounted to £5.15 which makes it a total no-brainer.

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Mattel Games Uno Card Game 42003


Speak Out - Kids vs Parents

This game might seem like an unholy mix of unwanted dental examinations and drool, but until you’ve seen a family member desperately shouting an incoherent stream of drivel at a bemused partner, you haven’t really lived. Insert the curved plastic mouthpiece that prevents you from closing your mouth and tried to read what’s on the card. Simple, hilarious - and currently available at a whopping 73 per cent off.

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Hasbro Gaming Speak Out Kids vs Parents Game


Asmodee Dobble

If you’ve never heard of Dobble, think of it as ‘Snap’ but reinvented with less violence and more frustration. Each circular card contains a number of random symbols, but the trick is that any two cards in the deck share a single symbol - though not necessarily the same size or location. Brilliant and infuriating in equal measure it’s also a ‘dobble’ to play - and there are many Disney-themed versions available, hence it’s suitable for kids aged 6 and up.

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Asmodee Dobble Card Game



Another example of the maxim that the best games are the most simple, Articulate simply asks you to describe the what’s on the card in front of you. The problem is you can’t use rhymes, ‘sounds like’ or mime - only the power of description. Hilarious and suitable for big groups, it is recommended for those aged 12 and up.

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Drumond Park 5019150000056 Articulate Family Board Fast Talking Description Game, Single, Multi, 26.92 x 26.67 x 9.14 cm


Exploding Kittens

If you’re familiar with the web cartoon page The Oatmeal then you may have heard of Exploding Kittens. Created by artist Matthew Inman, Exploding Kittens is a card-based game where your aim is to avoid the exploding kitten. You can dodge, defuse or move the kittens by playing other cards, and the generally silly side to the game means there are plenty of laughs.

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Exploding Kittens EKG-ORG1-1 Kaiwo-D06 A Russian Roulette, Easy Family-Friendly Party Card Games for Adults, Teens & Kids-2-5 Players, Multicoloured, One Size


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A classic boardgame that has been entertaining and frustrating generations for more than 50 years, Operation requires a steady hand and a strict application of the rule about not leaning on anything. Choose a card, perform the operation and then pocket the cash - any similarity between Operation and private healthcare is entirely coincidental. It’s also suitable for 4 years and up, so is truly a game for all.

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Hasbro Gaming B2176348 Gaming Classic Operation Game


Now That’s What I Call Music The Board Game

Rather than relying on audio clips, NTWICM The Board Game has hundreds of trivia questions, and as well as having to answer them correctly, players have to complete song titles, mime some answers or even perform tracks to win points. Suitable for age 8 and over, you may find older children stand a better chance with last-century music.

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Paul Lamond 6745 Sony Entertainment Now That's What I Call Music Board Game, Multi


Monopoly: Cheaters Edition

The classic Christmas mood-killer should already be in your cupboard but if it isn’t, consider this latest version that actively encourages you to bend and break the rules. As well as incorporating the standard playing rules there are cheat cards that give you a rule-breaking task, and you are rewarded or punished depending on your success. Whether it’s your idea of fun or the perfect thing to get everyone to go home, Monopoly is stone-cold classic.

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Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Game: Cheaters Edition Board Game Ages 8 and Up



The most popular game you’ve never heard of, Sequence uses a deck of cards, a board and poker chips to create a game that is simple but tactical, and suitable for anything from two to 12 players. Teams simply have to make two sequences of five chip sbased on the cards in their hand, but with wild and non-wild cards plus the ability to block, it soon becomes a challenge to stay ahead of your opponents.

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Sequence the Board Game


Drumond Park LOGO Best of TV and Movies

If you need a quick intro to the Logo game it is super-simple; you get shown the graphic logo of a famous brand but with the words removed, so you have to guess the name. Sounds simple, but it can be agonisingly familiar without the answer ever coming. This version uses TV and films rather than brands and products, so will suit ages 12 and up.

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Drumond Park LOGO Best of TV and Movies Board Game Family - The Family Board Game of Moving Pictures We Know & Love | Family Games For Adults And Kids Suitable From 12+ Years