Top Father's Day gifts for 2023

Father's Day is on the 18th of June this year, but don't fret if you can't think of something to buy the old man. We've found those gifts that any dad would be happy to receive. Unless they don't really like cars. In which case there's always socks and beer, although we think we've included those too...


Classic leather keyfob

You can find plenty of classic car keyrings online, but most are cheaply produced. However, you can get the real thing from Classic Leather Fobs. The enamel badges are made in England, while the leather keyfob is individually hand made from the best saddlery hide and stitched with linen thread. The result is something that not only feels lovely to hold, but will also last. There are hundreds of different designs covering all types of car and motorbike marques. Prices start at less than £20.

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Hire a Morgan

Hiring a car is rarely something to get excited about, but there are exceptions. Like when it's a Morgan. Because you can a actually hire a car directly from Morgan. There's either the classic Plus 4 - or what would be our choice - the 3 Wheeler. It's not cheap at £220 for a day and you collect it at 9.30am and drop it off at 4.30pm, but it's likely to be a day your dad will never forget.

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Aukey DR01 dash cam

There's no shortage of dashcams on the market and while it's easy to start pushing up the price as you look for something laden with features, we think something like the Aukey DR01 is a great little unit for the money. Priced at around £40 on Amazon, you won't get anything this good for as little money. Easy to set up and simple to use, the Aukey offers very good video quality for the price.


Silverstone Classic tickets

While the Goodwood Festival of Speed may get the headlines every year, we think the Silverstone Classic is an equally good event. Held from Friday 20th to the 22nd of July there are more than 10,000 classic cars on display and of course historic motor racing. It's a great event to take the family too - and treating your dad. Tickets start from £45 for the Friday, while the Saturday is £68.

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Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Lego London Bus

Everyone loves LEGO and we think one of the best sets of recent years is this London Bus. Part of the Creator Expert range, it uses more than 1600 pieces and measures more than 30cm long once finished. This is no quick build, but is an enjoyable one that should at least last a few weekends. It's expensive at £110 but if you want something cheaper, there's the excellent Speed Champions 2018 sets.

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LEGO Creator London Bus 10258 - Limited Edition - 1686 Pieces


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Tile Sport

Tile is one of those clever gadgets that you never realise you need - until you have one. Simple but clever, it means you'll never lose your keys, wallet, or whatever else you want to attach it to, thanks to the clever Tile app on your smartphone. The Tile Sport is the dark grey version (the white one is the Tile Style) but they work exactly the same as all the other Tile products. The clever part is that you can also locate your misplaced phone from the Tile itself. You can get one on Amazon for around £30.


Haynes Motorsport Manual

Haynes has come a long way from the classic grease-stained workshop manuals that everyone's dad had in the 1970s. You can of course still get those, but there's also a whole range of other hardback Haynes 'manuals' covering everything from the Millennium Falcon to electric guitars and even explaining babies. This one, priced at £23, looks at the history of the Jaguar XJR-9 Le Mans racing car while others in the same series include the Ferrari 250 GT0 and the Ford GT40.

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Jaguar XJR-9 Owners' Workshop Manual: 1985-1992 (XJR-5 to XJR-17) (Haynes Owners' Workshop Manual)


Porsche bottle opener

Yes, it's a Porsche bottle opener that looks like the central locking mechanism from the wheel of a Porsche 911 Turbo. It's a heavy duty bit of kit, which justifies the £50 price tag somewhat, while according to Porsche, it means the 'same design that ensures a wheel nut can be opened quickly during a pit stop will also help you open your bottles in record time'. And to think, someone was paid to write that. The beauty of marketing...


Half day classic car hire

If your dad is a fan of classic British sports cars this half day hire from Buyagift is idea. It's priced at £99 for four hours but in that time he'll get the chance to drive three different cars from a range including the Jaguar E-Type, Triumph TR6, a classic Porsche 911, Jaguar MkII and our favourite - the Austin Healey. Each car comes with maps and a pre-programmed sat nav while there's a choice of two routes, either the Cotswolds or Malvern, totalling 80 miles. The only catch is that it's from one location - Redditch, in the Midlands. 

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Designer car-inspired socks

You didn't think we'd get through this without including socks did you? Although these are socks with a difference. Made by Heel Tread and produced in Portugal, they're designed around automotive icons, including the Williams F16 - the F1 car driven by Damon Hill and Ayrton Senna. There are various different designs, some more successful than others (the Lancia Stratos ones look like a novelty pair of Christmas socks) but each pair only costs £8.78 (€10). Plus, you get free shipping if you buy three or more pairs. 

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Beerwulf Father's Day Pack

If our 10 car-related ideas don't fit the bill, then how about a case of beer? Beerwulf's offering for 2018 features a range of craft beers in a suitably decorated box. It's available in three sizes 12 pack (£25.95) 16 pack (£31.95) and a 20 pack (£36.95). Included in the selection is a special brew for fathers called The Mentor by Dutch brewer Kompaan. The 12-pack also features Cornet, a 8.5% blond beer brewed by Brouwerij Palm based in Belgium and Brewdog’s Punk IPA.

Other boxes available include Winning Beers (£20.95), Discovery Pack (£24.95) and Belgian Beer Pack (£26.95).

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