Top 10: Best Toolboxes

Getting your hands on a decent toolbox or tool chest shouldn’t break the bank, with prices starting from around £10. In order to help you narrow down your options quickly, here are ten of our favourites.

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Stanley Essential 16-inch Toolbox

You really don’t need to spend much to get a useful toolbox, as this Stanley offering demonstrates – as it often costs less than £10. It is admittedly made out of a thin plastic, though, so it’s best suited to those with light-duty use in mind.

If you’re not looking to store lots of heavy tools, or sling it in the back of a van regularly, it should otherwise prove ideal. It even features a removable tool tray and two storage compartments.

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Stanley STST1-75517 Essential 16" Toolbox with Plastic Latches, Black/Yellow


Halfords Professional Cantilever Toolbox

If you want a tough, practical tool box that’ll stand the test of time then consider this Halfords Professional toolbox. This heavy-duty metal toolbox features multiple storage trays, including a large one in the base of the box for bulkier tools, and quickly expands outwards to allow easy access to everything inside.

The lid also has a fitting for a padlock which, if used, will also stop the box opening up inadvertently during transport.


Stanley Mobile Work Centre

Got a selection of larger tools you need to store, or have to move them around often? If so, this affordable Stanley set-up is ideal. The wheeled base unit serves as a large storage bin, which is useful for tools such as drills and hammers, while the top multi-compartment toolbox is useful for smaller items.

It’s easy to move, too, thanks to its wheels and extendable handle. A similarly sized ‘Rolling Workshop’ is also offered but it tends to cost a little more.  

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STANLEY Mobile Work Centre Toolbox, 2 Tier Stackable Units, 1-93-968


DeWalt ToughSystem Toolbox

Slinging a toolbox into the back of your car, or onto concrete floors, can quickly take its toll on a toolbox. Consequently, if you’re going to be moving your toolbox around a lot – but don’t want one of the bigger rolling tool station set-ups – it’s worth investing in something more durable.

The DeWalt ToughSystem toolbox is a great option; it’s made from heavy-duty, impact-resistant plastic and is sealed against dust and water intrusion. If you have more than one, they also easily stack for storage and transport purposes.


Laser 21-inch Seven-tray Toolbox

The Halfords cantilever toolbox, and similar unbranded offerings, is a smart classic-looking toolbox – but it doesn’t offer a huge amount of storage space.

If you like the design and look but want to carry more tools, or more accessories and items such as screws and drill bits, then this Laser toolbox is a smart alternative; it has seven storage trays, instead of five, allowing you to store and move more tools easily.  

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Laser 3487 Tool Box - 7 Tray 525mm (21")


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Stanley Rolling Workshop

This set of portable drawers and boxes, as the name suggests, is designed to allow you to store and move a substantial number of tools in one neat unit. Consequently, even if you don’t move your tools around that often, it can serve as a practical replacement for a conventional static drawer or tool chest set-up.

It’s not overly expensive, either, yet features two drawer units, a 19-inch toolbox and a telescopic handle and wheels that makes it easy to move.

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STANLEY Rolling Workshop Toolbox, Detachable Toolbox with Drawers, Flip Bin, Back Pocket, 7 Heavy Duty Wheels, 1-79-206


SGS Mobile Heavy-duty Toolbox

If the Stanley Rolling Workshop appeals but you’d prefer something a little more durable, then take a look at this toolbox from SGS. This tougher, albeit more expensive, toolbox features heavy-duty construction yet offers a similar amount of storage space.

It is some 5kg heavier than the Stanley alternative – clocking in at 14.5kg, before you load it with tools – which is worth considering if you intend to move it on a regular basis.


Silverline Heavy-duty Tool bag

This Silverline tool bag is a smart budget option for those who want to move around a lot of tools on a regular basis, because it’s packed with numerous pockets and easily transported. You can stash your larger tools in the central storage area, while screwdrivers and similar can be stored in the myriad pockets around the outside.

It’s not expensive, either, often costing less than £15 – and it also weighs very little.

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Silverline 748091 Tool Bag Open Tote,Black, Blue,400 x 200 x 255 mm


DeWalt TSTAK Deep Toolbox

A tool collection can quickly grow so, if you’re buying a new toolbox, you might want to consider something modular – like the aforementioned Toughsystem from DeWalt. Those professional toolboxes can be costly, though, but DeWalt also does a more conventional line called TSTAK.

This TSTAK Combo tool box offers plenty of practical storage and, when you need more room, you can buy more TSTAK units to couple to it. Besides allowing for expansion, their stacking functionality will help keep your garage neat and tidy.

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DEWALT DWST1-71195 TSTAK Deep Tool Box, Yellow/Black


VonHaus Portable Toolbox set

This VonHaus toolbox set is inexpensive and includes three toolboxes of different sizes – which could be useful if you’ve different jobs, or selections of tools, in mind; for example, if you’ve only a quick and simple job involving light tools coming up, you could use the small box. Got something more involved, using bigger tools, to do? Take the 16.5-inch toolbox along.

Each features removable storage trays and compartments, boosting practicality, and a padlock eye for additional security.  

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