Top 10: Learner legal commuter bikes and scooters

One you’ve got your CBT out of the way then you’ll be in a position to choose a bike or scooter. There’s a huge range of choice and prices are more competitive than ever, so there’s quite a lot to think about.

We’ve had a look at the options and picked 10 commuter-friendly bikes to suit most budgets. These bikes are all learner-legal, with capacities up to 125cc and our list is in price order.


Lexmoto Arrow - £900

If you’re after a twist-and-go, effortless scooter then this is best avoided, since it has traditional motorbike styling and a five-speed manual transmission. But with a 125cc engine and enough performance to travel on national speed limit roads, it’s an ideal commuter machine and it costs just £900 new.

Lexmoto imports its bikes from China, and they aren’t necessarily as well-made as bikes from Japanese or European brands, but as a simple and cost-effective mode of transport it’s hard to find fault with the Arrow. The engine is generally said to be reliable, but surface rust and electrical gremlins are fairly commonplace.