Top 10: Best car seats from Britax

Buying a car seat for your baby or toddler is important for their comfort, safety and your peace of mind. Here are ten of the best from respected brand Britax.


Britax Kidfix III M

The Kidfix tag means this seat is aimed at older children, and Britax has regularly updated the range for maximum comfort and safety. Designed for children in Group 2 & 3, the Kidfix III has a larger seating area for increased comfort and a generous headrest designed to support your child’s head if they fall asleep. It has greater side impact protection, the SecureGuard system to make sure the belt is in the right position and comes in a choice of colours too.


Britax Baby-Safe

The entry-level model in the Britax Baby-Safe range, this seat is in Group 0+ so is suitable for children from birth up to around 15 months depending on their size. Even though it only costs around £100 it still has plenty to offer. It is lightweight and is generously padded, and although making adjustments can be a little fiddly it is sturdy and feels strong. It can be fitted with your car’s seatbelt or you can add the Isofix base for around £100.

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Britax Dualfix i-Size

Britax only sells its Dualfix seat range in i-Size specification now, so although that makes the cost a little higher it also means you get the highest level of protection for your child. That means you can have your child in the ideal rearward position until 15 months, and the seat’s swivelling base makes it easy to get them in and out, as well as switch between positions. It comes with a rebound bar and a simple indicator to let you know when it is in the correct position.


Britax Advansafix IV R

The Adnvasafix IV is the latest update to Britax’s range aimed at Groups 1/2/3, making it suitable for children from as young as 9 months all the way up to 12 years of age. It has Isofix mounting as standard with a system designed to deflect impact forces away from the occupant and can switch between the five-point harness and three-point standard belt easily, with an extra contact point when using the latter for added security.


Britax EVOLVA 1-2-3 Plus

There are currently three versions of the Evolva range, and this is the least expensive of the lot at around £170. That means it does without Isofix, but for anyone without that facility, the Evolva has a great deal to offer. The Plus designation means that this seat can adjust in width so you can achieve a comfortable fit as your child grows, and it easily switches to using the standard seatbelt instead of the harness when your child is the right age and height.

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Britax First Class Plus

This First Class Plus seat from Britax is designed for Groups 0+ and 1, so it works from birth all the way up to 18kg - approximately four years old. Like most of the Britax seats that take in Group 0, it can be used in the rear-facing position and then switched to front-facing when your child is old enough. It also features the Click And Safe harness system, which provides an audible sound when the belts are set to the correct tension, so your child will be safe and comfortable.


Britax Baby-Safe i-Size

The feature-count is high on this seat, and as well as desirable features like the additional protection of i-Size and the ability to recline when fitted to a travel system, the Romer Baby-Safe i-Size has some very useful ideas. Arguably its most useful party trick is being able to remove the cover for washing without having to unthread the harness, which is a godsend when little accidents happen.


Britax Discovery SL

A Group 2-3 seat aimed at older children, the Discovery SL is designed for children from 4 upwards and so helps to keep the cost below the £100 mark. Isofix installation is standard, and although it isn’t packed with features it is light as a result: at 4.3kg it is almost a third lighter than equivalent Britax seats. It also has side-impact protection and a height-adjustable headrest.

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BRITAX RÖMER Car Seat DISCOVERY SL, car seats 4 to 12 years, child from 15 to 36kg (Group 2/3), Flexible Installation, Cosmos Black


Britax Duo Plus

The Duo Plus is a strict Group 1 only seat, but is an ideal choice if you need to switch between cars on a regular basis as it offers both Isofix and three-point belt installation - you can add a top tether too. It includes the Britax side-impact protection and has a five-point harness tightened by a single strap. Three recline positions mean comfort for baby, and there’s a choice of five fabric colours too.


Britax Eclipse

With many modern car seats being so bulky it can be a real challenge to find one to fit smaller cars, but the Britax Eclipse is designed exactly for that requirement with an extra-slim base. It’s a Group 1 seat that secures with a seat belt only, but can work with a three-point or two-point lap belt found in older cars. It still has side-impact protection and a four-position recline function for naps on the move.

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