Top 10: Gifts for petrolheads

Want to treat your loved one this February? Make them feel extra special with one of our favourite gifts for car enthusiasts...


48% discounted Virgin Experiences Triple Supercar track day

Get the car enthusiast in your life the ultimate weekday driving experience with this Triple Supercar Thrill. Pick from a line-up of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche and more. Supercars will vary a bit by location, but with venues available up and down the nation – you can pick what’s best for you.

The offer includes driving up to a total of up to 18 miles in your chosen cars as well as strap in for a High-Speed Passenger Ride from a professional instructor. And there's a photo opportunity to commemorate the day as well.

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Bespoke Carvolution print

This bespoke Carvolution artwork includes all the cars and bikes you've owned over the years. It's available in four sizes (Small, Medium, Large and X-Large) and can display a maximum of 20 vehicles.

Car models and colours can be detailed specifically and you can even add your own personalised messages to make it extra special.

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Silverstone Tour - Red Letter Days

Know someone who loves the Grand Prix? Get them an exclusive visit behind the scenes of the home of the British Grand Prix, with plenty of photo opportunities. Stand on the top step of the podium and dream of following in the footsteps of the Formula 1 stars with a closer look at legendary sites around the track.

Arrive to a welcome reception and introduction to Silverstone, followed by a drive workshop tour, race control visit and a guided tour of the great Grand Prix circuit. There's at least one weekend date every two months throughout the year for this two-hour experience. The circuit closes between mid-December and mid-January for the winter shut-down.


How To Be A Motoring Journalist book

Richard Porter’s tale of fictional motoring journalist and bombastic curmudgeon Roy Lanchester is part autobiographically and serves partially as an educational toolkit. Porter was the script editor for Clarkson’s Top Gear and, among other things, runs the Sniff Petrol website – a satirical motoring website.

The particularities of motoring journalism itself are impressively realistic and well observed though, albeit they're fed into a Spinal Tap machine. It's clear that Porter is a veteran. And a very funny one at that. It's also less than £8, so you won't be out of pocket too much if you do hate it.

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How To Be A Motoring Journalist


LEGO Creator Expert James Bond Aston Martin DB5

This one is a bit special. The Lego Creator Expert James Bond Aston Martin DB5 blends the glamour of the British brand with a stack of gadgets you’d expect from 007. And, seeing as Bond was known as a ladies' man, it's ever so fitting for Valentine's Day. The 1290 piece kit includes the infamous ejector seat, revolving number plates, hidden telephone and machine guns, as well as a detailed interior and engine bay.

Alternatively, the LEGO Creator Expert Volkswagen Beetle is a cheaper option for the car enthusiast in your life who also loves a LEGO build. With 1167 parts it's almost 50cm in length, and there are period features like the whitewall tyres, rear-mounted engine and beach-ready kit like the surfboard and beach towel. The roof is also removable so you can explore the detailed interior.

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LEGO 10262 Creator Expert James Bond Aston Martin DB5 Model Car, Collectable Gift Idea Set for Adults Multicolor


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Batmobile experience day - Red Letter Days

There’s unlikely to be any illustrated punch-ups or vertical wall climbing, but what this experience does provide is a chance to drive an accurate replica of the original Batmobile, as featured in the original Batman TV series driven by Adam West. The experience is available at eight locations in England between Cornwall and Yorkshire, giving a reasonable spread across the country although anyone from Scotland or North Wales will have a fairly long trek to reach a venue.

You’re promised six miles of driving, which is on a par with the more exotic supercar driving experiences you can buy and is to be expected of a car which is more about the show than go. For anyone who had a poster of the Batmobile on their wall as a kid, this will be a huge thrill. 



Autoglym Perfect Bodywork, Wheels & Interiors collection

Autoglym's Bodywork, Wheels and Interiors collection is designed to keep your car looking its best. It makes the ideal gift for anyone who likes to show off their pride and joy.

This kit includes shampoo, polish, gloss protector, wheel cleaner, tyre dresser, interior shampoo, glass polish, vinyl and rubber treatment, plus a sponge, finishing cloth and drying cloth.


A range of legendary car films

From cult horror classics like Christine to 60's legends like Italian Job and Bullitt - there are dozens of car films that we could recommend. The one we've opted to showcase here is the original Gone in 60 Seconds. Forget about Nicholas Cage; the original film which was written, directed, produced and starred H.B. Halicki — he even did most of the stunt driving in the film too. The film is about insurance investigator Maindrian Pace, who has an illegal side business ‘ringing’ cars.

Filmed on a tiny budget — many of the cars appear in several scenes because Halicki could only afford so many vehicles — the production values are low but the authenticity is high. Many of the crashes and spills happened for real, and Halicki injured himself several times during filming. Fortunately for you, we've also compiled our favourites here: Top 10: Best car films.


Porsche 911 Flat-Six Boxer Engine

With this model engine kit you can build your own working model of the classic 1966 Porsche 911 Flat-six engine. The kit includes an electronic sound module with genuine boxer engine sound, transparent casing to view inside the engine, cams activated by the belt, spark plug firing simulated with LEDs, working distributor and spinning cooling fan.

It also comes with the collector’s manual written and produced by The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. The model is 1:4 scale and makes the perfect gift for a Porsche fan.

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Porsche 911 Flat-Six Boxer Engine


Scalextric Legends Rusty Rides

The Rusty Rides set has a Volkswagen Beetle and T1 Camper van, both finished in a distressed 'rat look', which come in a posh presentation box and are limited to a run of 1800 units. You even get a little card to tell you what number your set is. Priced at £85.99, the set works on any Scalextric track and both cars come with 'xenon effect' headlights along with rear lights, plus of course plenty of high detailing including rusty paintwork and proper door mirrors.

The working lights are a neat extra and the fact they even manage to sound like that characteristic Volkswagen flat-four engine is impressive. While there's no shortage of models for Scalextric buyers to choose from, both new and old, we think these stand out as something a bit special. Scalextric also sells other T1 camper and van models and is launching a rusty yellow Beetle this year.

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