Top 10: Soft-top roof cleaners

Making the most of your convertible when the weather is good requires a good car care routine, in particular making sure your soft top is clean and protected. Try one of these dedicated products for best results.

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Meguiar’s Convertible Top Cleaner

A name you know and trust, Meguiar’s car care products are some of the best in the business, and their Convertible Top Cleaner promises excellent results. It is suitable for use with all varieties of hood including mohair, cloth and vinyl, is fast-acting and comes in a trigger spray for easy application. Meguiar’s also offer a compatible waterproofer to use afterwards.

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Meguiar's G2016EU Convertible Top Cleaner 473ml


Autoglym Convertible Soft Top Clean & Protect Complete Kit

Autoglym products have a well-deserved reputation for excellence, but they can be excellent value too. This kit comprises of a dedicated soft-top cleaner and protector as well as an applicator sponge, all for under £24. It’s also received an impressive 4.4 stars out of 5 from 724 reviews on Amazon.

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Autoglym Convertible Soft Top Clean & Protect Complete Kit


Renovo International Fabric Soft Top Cleaner

This soft top cleaner from Renovo comes with the reassurance of being made in the UK, and is currently wearing a tidy 35 per cent discount via Amazon. It is designed to work on canvas and mohair convertible tops regardless of colour, and removes dirt and grease in preparation for waterproofing - Renovo has a product to care that of that too.

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Renovo RFC1126 International Fabric Soft Top Cleaner 500 ml, Neutral


Turtle Wax Green Line Soft Top Kit

Bundling a soft top cleaner with a protector spray in the same pack makes for excellent value, and this set from Turtle Wax does exactly that for £20. Designed to be long-lasting and easy to use, both the cleaner and protector come in trigger spray bottles for easy application, with the end result leaving you with a spot-free roof and improved water resistance.


NIGRIN Convertible Hood Cleaner

Possibly the best value product on this list, this cleaner from Nigrin is currently discounted to less than £8, yet it has plenty of positive feedback. Part of the reason for its cheapness is that is a direct German product, hence no English instructions, but these are available on the Nigrin website. There’s also an accompanying waterproofer and you can get the pair for under £20.

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Rally N Race Heavy Duty Convertible Soft Top Cleaner

Unusually for products like these, this offering from Rally N Race comes as a powder that you mix with hot water before use. If that sounds like a bit too much like hard work, bear in mind that this pack costs £9 and contains enough to make 2 litres of hood cleaner, which should keep you going for several summers. Once mixed you simply apply to the roof, scrub it down and hose off.


CarPlan Soft Top Connoisseur Kit

Another solid-gold bargain, this kit from respected car care brand CarPlan not only contains 500ml of Soft Top Cleaner but also the same volume of Soft Top Protector, and a sponge to apply them with - all for less than a tenner.


ProtexWorld Convertible Soft Top Cleaner

ProTex has a wide range of car care products, including several options for anyone looking to keep their fabric roof clean and protected. This Canvas Cleaner is designed to tackle dirt and grime as well as specific problems such as bird droppings and tree sap, which can be a nightmare to remove.

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PROTEX Convertible Soft Top Canvas Cleaner 500ml - Deep Cleans and Prevents Green Mildrew


Auto Finesse Rag Top Hood Cleaner

Another good value offering from Auto Finesse, this Rag Top Cleaner is designed for fabric convertible roofs, coming in a 500ml trigger spray for easy application and still costing under a tenner with free delivery via Amazon. The Roof Protector spray also by Auto Finesse is designed to work hand-in-hand with this cleaner too, and includes UV protection for better resistance to the effects of sunlight.

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Auto Finesse Rag Top Hood Cleaner 500ml Deep Cleaning Shampoo For Fabric Roof Tops


Renovo Soft Top Complete Kit

This kit from Renovo is designed for fabric roofs (not vinyl) that need a bit more than just a clean. You get a bottle of dedicated cleaner, a bottle of soft-top reviver and protector, as well as applicator brushes and sponge. The reviver is colour-coded to the colour of your roof (a blue version is also available) so you can have it looking like new.

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