Top 10: Books for petrolheads

We're aware that going on the internet to find out what books to read is a bit ironic, however, some of the best things you'll read about automotive history, motorsport stories and general guides for anyone who loves to tinker under the bonnet of a car can be found on paper. A few in this list are available on Kindle, too.

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Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari and their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans

In the 1960s, Enzo Ferrari emerged as the dominant force in sports cars, creating machines that were unbeatable on the race track. In America, the Ford Motor Company was quickly losing ground as the pre-eminent brand. Thus, Henry Ford decided to declare war on Ferrari, to build a faster car than anything Ferrari had brought to the track and to beat him at the world's biggest race: Le Mans.

With practically no safety regulations in place in the European Grand Prix races, horrific accidents were routine with both drivers and spectators killed in many races. The stakes were incredibly high, money and men were thrown at the competition and neither Ford or Ferrari would accept anything but victory. The book also makes a great read if you want to know more behind the 2019 film Ford v Ferrari - featuring Christian Bale (as pro racer, Ken Miles) and Matt Damon (as Carroll Shelby, American automotive designer and engineer).

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Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari and their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans