Top 10: Car-related “movers and shakers” from Amazon

If you’re familiar with Amazon (who isn’t?) then you might know about their “movers and shakers” section. Every hour it’s updated with the products that are soaring in popularity, for whatever reason. So we’ve had a look at the popular automotive products over the past few weeks and picked out 10 that keep cropping up again and again. 


Skybaba smartphone holder

Several smartphone holders have appeared in the Amazon Movers and Shakers list over the past month, but none as frequently as this. It’s just £12 and is available with Prime delivery plus it has positive user reviews – which does somewhat offset the very questionable English used in the listing.

You can “One-hand opearte” the Skybaba cradle, whatever that means, and it promises “screen can be saw clearly without reflect light” (sic).  Whatever – it’s a popular, cheap, well-reviewed smartphone cradle that promises to be stable and secure in use. That’s all you need, right?