Top 10: Gifts between £50 and £150

There's plenty of choice in this price bracket, but here are our top 10 picks.

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Fitbit Alta HR

Whether you're a marathon runner, or just want to improve your health with a few extra steps on your lunch break — wearable fitness tech should be on your radar. Fitbit’s heart rate sensor improves the sleep-tracking features and, on top of keeping an eye on your heart and your sleep, the Fitbit can make note of how you're eating and drinking — so it can tell you how many calories you're burning.

You'll also get vibration alerts straight to your Fitbit if you receive a text/call/calendar reminder. And it won't need to be charged more than once a week. But the main reason for recommending the Fitbit Alta HR is that it really does do a good job of keeping you fit without being too confusing to get to grips with.

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LEGO Creator James Bond DB5

Launched in July 2018, the Lego Creator Expert James Bond Aston Martin DB5 blends the glamour of the British brand with a stack of gadgets you’d expect from 007.

The 1290 piece kit includes the infamous ejector seat, revolving number plates, hidden telephone and machine guns, as well as a detailed interior and engine bay. It'll definitely be a great build.

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LEGO 10262 Creator Expert James Bond Aston Martin DB5 Model Car, Collectable Gift Idea Set for Adults Multicolor


Piaggio Ape Racing for two

The best kind of gift to give is arguably one you get to enjoy too, which makes this Piaggio Ape racing experience for two an ideal semi-selfish choice. If you’re not familiar with the Piaggio Ape, it's a moped-based delivery vehicle (often used as mobile coffee carts) that's entirely unsuited to racing, which makes it the perfect thing to create hilarious and exciting competitive action.

The voucher gets you and a friend (or enemy) a 20-minute qualifying session to decide the starting grid, then a 40-minute race. Brilliant fun and a twist on the usual karting experience, Piaggio Ape racing is an experience that will live long in the memory. If that isn't quite your style, you can always opt to drive a replica of the original Batmobileas featured in the original Batman TV series driven by Adam West.

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Bose SoundLink Micro

This tiny but tough Bose speaker is built for on-the-go music. The Bluetooth speaker is also waterproof and comes with a strap for attaching it to bags, bikes etc so it can go with you anywhere. The speakers in the Soundlink Micro have been engineered purposefully to deliver bigger sound than its size suggests, so you get booming base without needing to lug around a huge speaker.

The rechargeable battery lasts six hours — making it perfect to take when you go out. Plus, it works with the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot for hands-free voice control to play music, check the weather and more.

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Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker - Black



The EZVIZ S2 bills itself as an action camera and a dashcam, although in truth it is best to just consider it as a capable and inexpensive version of the former. The specification is good, with an 8MP wide-angle lens, up to 1080p recording and a choice of frame rates while the box includes a battery, USB cable, lens cover and a waterproof case that allows you to use the S2 as deep as 40m underwater.

It’s a smart-looking piece of kit too (colours other than vivid yellow are available) and it pairs with the Ezviz Sports app so you can view videos through your phone and share them in seconds. It can even swallow microSD cards up to 256Gb in capacity, which should allow you to document every second of action until January.

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HJC CS-R3 Stormtrooper helmet

If you like Star Wars and want an entry-level motorcycle helmet, this is where you should put your money. If you're going to join the Dark Side, you might as well look good doing it. The Stormtrooper design replicates the well-known white combat helmet with blue air-supply hose-inspired stripes and added distressed markings.

Aside from just the exterior design, the Stormtrooper-themed CS-R3 is a nice helmet with some great features for the price. The ACS ventilation system means heat and humidity won't be an issue in summer, and HJC's RapidFire Replacement System allows for quick visor replacement without the need for tools. Plus, it's extra safe because you won't hit anything. You know, because Stormtroopers have absolutely awful aim... We'll see ourselves out.

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Sphero BOLT

Sneaking under our £150 limit is Sphero’s BOLT, the latest toy in the series - although the term ‘toy’ is somewhat underselling its capabilities. Like the previous SPRK+, BOLT is a transparent sphere loaded with components; infrared and lights sensors, accelerometers and gyroscopes and an 8x8 LED matrix display. You can control it via almost any smart device that can run the Sphero apps to play games or just drive it around.

But BOLT can go a stage further and can be programmed through the app, using Scratch programming blocks or even direct JavaScript. There are tutorials, a YouTube channel and even community software to help you get to grips with it, and as an educational tool, it has enormous potential. It requires a significant investment in terms of time and money to get the most out of it, but the rewards are huge.

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Sphero BOLT: App-Enabled Robotic Ball, STEM Learning and Coding Toy for Kids, Programmable LED Matrix, Bluetooth Connection, Learn Javascript and Scratch, Swift Playground Compatible


Porsche 911 Flat-six model engine kit

With this model engine kit you can build your own working model of the classic 1966 Porsche 911 Flat-six engine. The kit includes an electronic sound module with genuine boxer engine sound, transparent casing to view inside the engine, cams activated by the belt, spark plug firing simulated with LEDs, working distributor and spinning cooling fan.

It also comes with the collector’s manual written and produced by The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. The model is 1:4 scale and currently retails for just under £90 on Amazon.

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Porsche 911 Flat-Six Boxer Engine


The MasterPan

The MasterPan is arguably the most versatile piece of cookware you'll ever buy. The multi-sectional design lets you fry or cook five to six different foods at the same time, making it perfect for meals with lots of elements — like a fry-up.

The pan is suitable for all cooking surfaces including induction hobs and the temperature of the central area is around 15-20 per cent hotter than the outer regions so you can grill meats and fish without overcooking your vegetables. It also has a double non-stick coating so it's easy to wipe clean, and we're never going to complain about doing less washing up.


Garmin 55 dash cam

We rated the Garmin 55 top marks, and for good reason. If you're looking for a top of the line, feature-packed dash cam then the Garmin 55 definitely fits the bill. Footage quality is excellent, as are the driver assistance systems you get included. And because it doesn't record in 4k resolution, it isn't quite as expensive as dash cams like the Nextbase 612GW.

With the addition of WiFi, GPS and the microSD card, the price tag definitely starts to make sense. If you can afford it, the Garmin 55 is a superb choice.

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